Manna Mediterranean

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Manna Mediterranean; Helal Restoran, Mediterranean Restaurant; Henderson
Works Hours
Cumartesi 11AM–5PM
Pazar Kapalı
Pazartesi 10AM–8PM
Salı 10AM–8PM
Çarşamba 10AM–8PM
Perşembe 10AM–8PM
Cuma 10AM–8PM.
Dec 04, 2018
United States
ZIP code
171 N Gibson Rd #110, Henderson, NV 89014, USA
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We were unable to find the requested address (United States, Nevada, Henderson, 171 N Gibson Rd #110, Henderson, NV 89014, USA) via Google street view due to Google street view doesn’t have data for this address.
  • مكان أعجب فيه بالبيئة

    يجب عليك بالتأكيد تذوق هذه النكهات. خدمة ممتازة باهتمام ممتاز وعائلة طعام رائعة كان وقت جيد جداً. عرض النوادل كبيرة عصير. أسعار جيدة
    Muneef el-Kader / Jun 11, 2017 13:51
  • نظيف جدا

    توقّف بالتأكيد إذا كان المسار يسقط هنا. جميع الأطباق في القائمة رائعة. الاهتمام والاهتمام من السكان المحليين لطيفة جداً. الأسعار أيضا معقولة جدا
    Saeed el-Aly / Jul 27, 2017 09:57
  • A warm and quality place with friendly people

    Everybody has to come here.. All around. Service staff very polite, friendly. Prices are suitable for service and taste
    Frances Lopez / Jul 29, 2017 21:19
  • The location is very nice

    I would recommend it to everyone. I celebrated my birthday here with my family. Very friendly, relevant, warm and friendly staff. Positive about price
    Teresa Young / May 08, 2018 21:42
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