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    2 gün önce

    Just Eat UK

    Craving that Bangkok-style Pad Thai?

    Pay with Visa Checkout and skip to the tasty part. 🙌
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    This is such a nice dish👌

    Will Larsen in a river

    STEP 4. PRAY Just Eat have given out the correct information so your Takeaway is delivered TIMEOUSLY.

    Miss it so much and bok bok.

    Clair Richards

    Harry Goode George Shoulder Leo Jones Myles Turner, Liam was never going to make a pad thai in the first place ;)

    Mmm Sugar

    Why did I think of Keith Lynn Dykes in this advert 😆😆

    Matt Potts

    Two weeks to the real thing in Bangkok.

    I'd rather have seen it made!

    Brian McCarthy instagram is watching me

    Susan Gallagher Davis

    It is not pad Thai (in the video)

    Expensive Chinese with peanuts. Thai food is so overrated.

    Amy Neilson

    Aimkate Sedurifa Aniban

    Sophie Hamilton


    Fair play, I have no idea how you’re still operating with uber eats and Deliveroo dominating out there, your app feels very very dated.

    I see you STILL haven’t updated your app to tell people they will automatically be charged a 50p delivery fee. This is illegal.

    Vastly more rewarding, me thinks, if you make it yourself and you know exactly what’s in it.

    Rungnapa Phoonphon

    Thai Pad! 📱

    Jacob Mcdowell

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    2 gün önce

    Just Eat UK

    👀 Which artist does ‘PRAWNSY’ ryhme with? (Come on, you know this one…)

    Find out in this week’s episode of Just Eat's Xtra Bites
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    Nathan Grisdale


    All done for the sympathy vote -

    Katy Wrigglesworth... Nathan in it!!!

    Cliff Richard

    Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

    William Hawkes oh my god he’s made it

    Julian Pope

    Ayda is bangtidy - wonder if robbie use's her as an instrument - play the field?!

    Is this guy Harry J Relf? Luke George

    I think it's the WORST EX FACTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN, the talent choice must have been bad this year to pick the one's that we have seen so far, hope tonight's will be better

    Hya Lowri Cleaver hope you are ok love u loads xxxx

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    1 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    Top accolades, big smiles & great kebabs👌 It’s time to nominate your favourites for The British Takeaway Awards. Vote now: www.thebtas.co.uk/vote-now/ ... Daha fazlaDaha az


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    Are kfc doing £85 birthday voucher at all

    harry lampard31

    1 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    Delivery! Your second serving of Just Eat's Xtra Bites is here. 👀
    Warning: contains delicious food references and extra sides of LOLs 🍕😁
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    How way to mine bbg got some corn on the cob 🌽

    Well, this person isn’t at all annoying...

    Well that was a thing not a terrible thing but something a bit unexpected. Good luck with the presenting careers for just eat. only time i watched anything involving x factor in the last 3-4 years or so.

    Ahh! Auberjene....come here my girl!! Good advert.

    He reminded me of him that sang tiptoe through the tulips

    It was Bloody awful can't believe how they go through.

    Wow. Soooo funneeeyyy. I almost shat in my pants. Whst is soooo hilarious seriously? Fake laughing.

    I thought the act was quite good different indeed but we'll put together ,but just my opinion

    Simon is a pedo

    please take this shit show off our screens and that twat Robbie Williams, Mr Blobby would make a better judge.

    Kerri ʚϊɞ Assirati Haha I lovenittt

    Ohh fuck off !!!

    Charlotte Louise 😂😂😂😂

    Amy Adams some more Tommy x

    Don't offer a delivery time if you are going to ignore it... repeatedly.

    I think you have wasted an "investment" sponsoring this pile of shit guys.

    this singer is a load of rubbish

    Canny believe I just watched that....I don't watch ads. Never even heard of Just Eat.

    I love Just Eat app but this video is doing you no favours at all! She terrible!

    Hate the show

    Might aswell get Sooty n Co, to do the judging!!

    Terrible show. Well past it's sell by date

    Just eat you have been appalling. You have kept us in the loop for 3 weeks now and holding onto our monies !! Your staff and team have been misleading and not helpful in getting our account set up. We have provided all documentation as requested but yet it is now 8WEEKs and you still have not paid us OUR MONEY!!!!

    This has become an absolutel nightmare for me and my staff. We are unable to pay anyone because your keeping our monies !!! On top of it all your team say there is no account manager that can help us or we can contact. You have no complaints department!!! You have no contact for us to speak direct with your finance team !!! Yet your happy to take our money and every time we call you give us false information. This is ridiculous. Will be taking this matter further!!!

    your website will not let me put orders in the basket, last time i ever use you!

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    2 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    Just order fries with it ✔️🍔👟 ... Daha fazlaDaha az

    Just order fries with it ✔️🍔👟


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    Adam Van Khan

    Gavin, Laura and Tony I'm getting Disneyland flashbacks 😂😂😂 this is clearly where you went wrong Tony! You didn't believe enough...😉


    Aaron Berry

    Any one a spare just eat code?? :)

    Alicia Hattersley me @ u with your nugs

    Alicia Hattersley me @ u with your nugs

    Phil Gardiner

    Luke we gotta winner

    Alison Natasha Johns

    Can't finish a burger? Pffff

    Paula Thompson yesterday’s BK


    Mark Thomas

    get in this is mint !!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Marie Ventre

    Whoever did this is a marketting genius

    Kadie this is me every time I buy enough to feed a family

    Johnny Hastie 🙃😋

    Grace Hill After bread, starters, mains and dessert yesterday 😂

    Jordan Moore 😂😂😂

    Alex Sparrow


    Aiden Rand

    Vaughn Proudley

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    2 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    Hungry for a little extra? Episode #1 of Just Eat's Xtra Bites is served.

    Here's a taster...

    Q: "What vegetable is also known as a zucchini?"
    A: "Kiwi"

    ... Daha fazlaDaha az


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    Courgette ;)

    So funny! 😂😂

    Courgette 😄

    ... Yeah I'd like to order some food pls?

    The fuck is this shit

    She must be a family member lol


    Fucking courgette!



    Well that’s 60 seconds of my life I won’t get back!

    Jade Burke

    😂😂😂😂 ahhh JustEat I love you! 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼

    Watched X factor,,,& came to conclusion there must be more to life that watching this shit,,,,over & out,,,,Robbie williams what an ego!!! Watch the ratings plummet ,,,,😂

    Nicola Parsons

    Aye cornet sorry gourgette



    Danny Tetley

    Just goes to show how shit the X factor is can’t even get a simple answer correct

    A tomato

    Levi Sara Louise Beeston

    Becky Groves this is the woman I was on about. Do u recognise the song now???

    Boom x

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    3 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    1000s of top performers are just a tap away 👆. Tune in to The X Factor this weekend to see some of them in action… 🎤✨🙌🔥 ... Daha fazlaDaha az


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    Theres no such thing as talent on x factor

    Any codes please

    It's shit Helene Hepplewhite

    Christmas is coming lol

    Love the start when you get all the lunatics 😂

    hmm ... where is the person pressing the 'cancel' button on your order that you were looking forward to, because they can't be bothered to fulfill their (and your) obligation? 🤔

    😂😂😂😂 trust mosy of them to be in kabab shops, pmsfl

    so this is why the food takes over an hour to arrive..

    FFS is it that time of year again

    Just had literally THE worst experience with you lot Ordered a meal at 8.20 that said it would take 75 mins. Emailed to say cancel and you said it would then take 20 mins. An hour later no order so emailed you again and your response... 'someone' cancelled the order- uh that would be you. Complained about YOUR rubbish service and your response- rate the company online. They called me personally to apologise for the confusion and you want me tp throw them under the bus. Disgraceful. Bye Just Eat will never use your service again.

    Aimée May 👌🏽😂

    these people are not chefs remake the video morons

    Is this why my takeout takes so goddamn long to arrive?

    Eleanor Jones lol

    At least they are not crutch grabbing for some bizarre reason .I haven't thought of any good reason for this habit but there must be one they all seem to do it

    And then there’s Seabright Flinter Michael Henryk

    Carl Whittam that you? 😂

    Charles Scott 😂 I could see you in there somewhere 😂

    No fucking way ! Haaaaa can’t believe I’m on there !

    Those kitchens look rank.

    If someone like them has to do my food ill pass 😀

    Sarah Zhang is that Alan? 😂

    Nicola Baird

    Terrible service of late from just eat - not just the restaurants themselves but the service from just eat when you have issues is lacking too.

    just eat is a joke restaurants will take money then never deliver, you phone them they have zero clue of order then you contact just eat and they couldn't give two shits about you, what a disgrace I now actively avoid you and would rather use ubereats.

    + Daha fazla yorum

    3 hafta önce

    Just Eat UK

    This Saturday, The X Factor is back and that means Just Eat's Xtra Bites is too, serving up a delicious mix of exclusive content and a tasty side of backstage gossip 🍕🤩 ... Daha fazlaDaha az


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    I didn't realise that show was still on

    Won't be touching it with a barge pole totally the same big brother styled Shiite completely all these year's on .Now they have that total nothingness as a non existent judge on this big brother styled Shiite .Why is it still being commissioned all these year's on today .Just get rid of it 100% please

    Omg a young Lisa Payne Was Strike lol

    Hope you're not as annoying as your double, she's a rubbish presenter lol

    Lisa Warren oh yea xx

    The blonde one reminds me of a pornstar

    Shes cute. Shit show

    i think it time for me to go away lol

    Crap bring on im a celeb

    Wagner rules.

    Don't watch it went off it long time ago, rubbish compared to when it first started

    Mollie Cleaver she is a mix of you and me I think x🤔

    Another load of crap back on

    Halal no thanks

    Beth Christmas

    Cute...maybe some talent this one?

    Halal you must be joking

    x-factor back again - for our sins., Three new judges, won’t make much difference ,if the contestants are rubbish! Poor Simon Cowell, his head got stuck in a bee hive again!!!slow down on the Botox, much easier to grow old gracefully.

    Josh Antonio Camilleri its that boot off the stage

    Places I order from are trying to get away from using just eat, the price gets unattractive with the delivery and service charge added on

    Does that mean a discount for a order from Just eat

    Kids presenters?

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