Baytok Bespoke Tailoring

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    17 Jun 2017
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Baytok Bespoke Tailoring
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Irfan Baytok

A bespoke garment, what is it? A garment that speaks for the one that it adorns – you! Of the many marks that define a man, he is also known by what he wears. At Baytok Bespoke Tailoring, you are critically and painstakingly measured by Baytok, a master of his craft for over 40 years, taking into account such usually unnoticed details such as the differing slopes of your shoulders, the misaligned height and shape of your hips, the curvature of your spine, and the asymmetric bow- leggedness of your legs. All this, while you are politely explained the many intricate details that will be taken into account in crafting your garment (be it a jacket, trouser, or shirt), of course, with your suggestions welcome, while Baytok reserves for himself the final say that will make the garment more aesthetically pleasing.

You may choose from hundreds of swatches, woven in the finest mills of the UK and Italy, keeping in mind the particular mood that you desire your garment to reflect. Each jacket is carefully hand-cut by Baytok, this becoming the template that is the basis of the first fitting. You will be subsequently summoned at this time for a first fitting. The template is draped over you, while all subsequent final changes are made in detail. This in turn becomes the template for the final fitting. At this juncture, you are called in and the final work is draped over you while all the necessary last minute adjustments, with suggestions taken into account, are made, to give you that ultimate aesthetic appeal.

17 Jun 2017
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1804 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC, Birleşik Devletler
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